Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting the flu or a bad cold really sets you back. You feel sick and grumpy while you've got it and annoyed and under the weather as it drags on and you slowly make your way back to 'normal'.

Whenever I'm sick I realise how much I take good health for granted. I live my life relying on the fact that my health is an underlying platform that will stay strong and supportive, like a reliable old friend or parent who's always there for you.

Yet many people deal with health issues every day, every minute, every second and can't rely on their health being stable or even predictable. While the healthy few may lay blame on unhealthy eating habits, lifestyles and choices creating this situation, the truth is, sometimes your body just turns on you.

And it's not just a physical onslaught. Psychologically, you are dealing with a change to your life's routine, learning to rely on others, losing independence and simply coping with pain or debilitation. While this might be for a only a couple of days, for some this is a lifelong journey.

There is a sense of fragility and vulnerability that overcomes you when you are sick. On the downside, this can erode your confidence, make you hesitant to take risks and turn you in to a grumpy old cow.

On the plus side, (and I can only speak for feeling this way while being temporarily sick) you tend not to make so many plans. There's a feeling that it's best to just take one day at a time and enjoy every minute you feel well. You stop a while and smell those roses. Lie back and watch your children play. Breathe in the good things in your life.

Maybe the common cold has a purpose after all.

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