Thursday, December 8, 2011

Creative Beat Magazine: Sherryl Jordan

My latest article in the December issue of Creative Beat Magazine is about author Sherryl Jordan, writer of the wonderful adventure story for children: 'Finnigan and the Pirates'. 

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Sherryl Jordan
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You'll find the article on Page 18 of Creative Beat, but have a browse because there's a lot of great content about Tauranga's creative community - arts, literature, the performing arts and more.

I really enjoyed speaking to Sherryl Jordan.  What most impressed me was her determination to succeed as a writer.  She wrote 12 books before her thirteenth was accepted by mainstream publishers.

Now that she's published many books and won awards in six different countries, she's not sitting back and relaxing.  Sherryl is constantly diversifying, experimenting with different genres and writing for a different age of readers (in Finnigan and the Pirates).

She's also considering with care her approach to her next Young Adult novel at a time when the YA fiction market is much changed from when she first started out.

I admire her tenacity and need to 'take a page out of her book' by applying that sort of perseverence to my own writing.


  1. I enjoyed the article Jan - hope all is going well with your book these days. Did you get it ready and off as desired???

    1. Hi jo! sorry for the huge delay in replying. Book is still on the go. Had a few crazy things happen this year so things were disrupted, including this blog. Hoping to get it sorted soon and in the mean time getting back in to writing using a picture book text. yay! Hope you are going well and hope to see you at ladies literary or Tga Writers soon.