Friday, May 18, 2012

Writing, writing, writing

Creative Writing Projects

Picture book:

I had a lot of fun recently completing Jill Marshall's picture book writing course.  I now have text for a picture book and am embarking on some illustration.  I've been inspired by the wonderful world of Lauren Child - think Charlie and Lola.  What an amazing writer and illustrator she is.  Am looking at putting my own illustrations on to a digital background using Photoshop. Must say Photoshop is awesome fun, especially when at this stage I'm only using the free trial version along with help from my handy kindle version of the adobe 'how to' book.

The Chubbly-fluff
by Jan Goldie

I've road tested the text at the Tauranga Writers group and with my ladies writing group also.  They seem to think the illustrations are up to scratch too.  Finally, I've sent the text back to Jill for assessment. It will be interesting to hear her comments and see if they line up with the critique I've received from the gals!

Chapter book: Brave and True

Using the picture book as my procrastination project has done wonders for my stalled chapter book 'Brave and True'.  It's been on hold now for about three months while I've sorted out my health.  But thanks to wonderful writers Lee Murray and Helen Towgood, I am now battling through the tricky bits and kicking that writer's block out of the paddock.  (Feel like crossing my fingers or saying 'jinx' like I used to at school.  Writer's block is such a fickle creature.)

Non-fiction Writing Projects
With my piece on Dame Evelyn Stokes finally finished and off to be loaded on the Tauranga Memories section of their website, I'm happy to be starting on more web content writing for AFS student exchange. AFS is reorganising their website to include information about all the chapters that make up the kiwi part of their organisation. A large part of the AFS experience is run by volunteers.

So here's to writing as a job, writing for creativity's sake and writing because you simply must.

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