Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm happy to report I've won a NZ Authors manuscript assessment for my children's fantasy adventure novel 'Brave and True'.  This means a knowledgeable person will be casting their eyes over the final manuscript and offering their professional feedback - a real gift to a first novel writer like moi.

The manuscript assessment programme is available from NZ Authors, either by applying for the programme or at a cost.  Find out more on www.authors.org.nz   You need to be a member.  There's even a NZ Association of manuscript assessors. Find out more on the website or google it.

Once the assessment is completed, I can choose to apply the expert's suggestions, or not.  Then I can edit my manuscript and start sending it out in the big wide world of mainstream publishing.  Or, self/indie publish...aka Amazon, www.oceanbooks.co.nz etc

This weekend I'm attending a publishing knowledge seminar hosted by Jill Marshall of Pear Jam books. Am hoping to have a whole lot of publishing questions answered by Sunday!

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