Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Avoid photo failure - free online editing websites that are super easy to use!

You snap the best pic ever! You check your screen to see if it’s Facebook-ready and... photo fail! Demon red eye, zombie complexion, bed hair, and not in a good way. website home page
What you need now is an instant makeover – online photo editor style. Complex photo editing is a master skill, learned over years rather than days. If you’ve studied fantastic image-manipulating software like Photoshop, lucky you. But most of us don’t have the skills, bank balance, time or patience to become an Adobe authority overnight. 
We want photo perfection now, without delay, pronto!
Help is a simple online photo editing website/app away. Touch up the red eye, conjure up a collage, zhoosh images with frames, filters and colour or get fancy with resizing, cropping, correction and captioning. Here are five free lesser known photo editing websites you may like to try: keep reading...

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