Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Air New Zealand safety video includes hot swimsuit models in paradise

Hmmm, I wonder who wrote this captivating advertorial?

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models make anything look good but actually, it's not a difficult job because Aitutaki is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.

I've been there twice and I'd go back in a second! So it was a pleasure to write about it.
Over water bungalows, aquamarine waters, total peace and true relaxation.

Here's the article about the new safety video from Air NZ: 

From Middle Earth to the All Blacks, from the outdoor antics of Bear Grylls to old school humour Betty White-style, Air New Zealand’s in-flight safety videos are world famous at grabbing your attention. Now they’re at it again... and this time they’re partying with hot swimsuit models! Read more...
Plus one with more details about Aitutaki:
Picture this.
A hammock, strung between two gently swaying palm trees. Turquoise waters ripple alongside a white sand beach leading to one of the Pacific Ocean’s most astonishing lagoons. Aitutaki.
Actually, I really enjoyed the video describing how the safety presentation was made, watch it here:

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