Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bring home the Beacon

Have you heard of iBeacon, Beacon and Bluetooth LE technology?
If your eyes are glazing over, it’s time to wake up. Beacons are being labelled the next big thing and will be nudging your Smartphone with information and enticements to purchase stuff in no time at all.
So what’s it all about?
iBeacon, Beacon or Bluetooth LE?
Decoding the tech lingo is the first step to understanding what’s going on. So here’s a quick guide to the terms:
Beacon: A beacon is a device that can wirelessly transmit data over short distances. It transmits a signal that lets another device work out how near it is to the broadcaster. It’s all about proximity.
Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) technology: The name of one kind of signal beacons can transmit. Although there are other kinds, Bluetooth LE is low energy, low cost and available on most Smart devices.
iBeacon: People tend to use the terms iBeacon and beacon in the same breath, but iBeacon is actually an Apple trademarked term referring to that company’s particular use of Bluetooth LE to create user experiences around iOS products.
How does a Beacon work? Read more here!

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