Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Mer-tale - a fantasy fiction YA Novella by Jan M. Goldie

I'm gearing up to get A Mer-tale sorted into it's own little eBook and possibly in a small print book too. It's a novella, so it will be a short but hopefully fascinating fantasy read!

A Mer-tale is YA fantasy fiction focused on a mermaid. The story is already available in the science fiction and fantasy collection called 'Conclave'. Here's the back cover blurb from Conclave:

Land-trapped Mermaid Thala Tellurian struggles to accept her privileged life while battling her self-obsessed Uncle in any petty way she can. Isolated and forbidden to delve into her family's bloody past, Thala longs for change. So, when visitors from a rival pod reveal a hidden agenda, Thala dives straight in. But it's not until she's face to face with her family's lifelong enemy that she realises she's in terrifyingly unfamiliar waters.

A Mer-tale is a story about accepting differences, shining a light on secrets and facing our greatest fears head on, even when those fears take the form of creatures from another world.

You can check out the facebook page: www.facebook.com/AMer-tale

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