Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hit the Bulls eye with all the right career information

If you know a teenager struggling to choose their career path and um-ing and ah-ing over school subjects for next year, Kiwi created website www.bulls-eye.co.nz may provide much-needed answers.
Bulls-eye is an ‘innovative, online career exploration tool’ that helps teens and their parents understand the connection between personality type and career potential, using the Holland Code.
By filling out two in depth, age appropriate online quizzes - ‘focus on me’ and ‘focus on my future’ – students can identify career, degree and study paths as well as possible job opportunities. Bulls-eye provides them with an instant, automatic summary of personalised information to work with.
I spoke to bulls-eye creator, Kate McBeath, who was a finalist in this year’s Best Online and Technology Business section of the Fly Buys Mumtrepreneur of the Year Awards... 

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