Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sir Julius Vogel awards nomination! A Mer-Tale is in the running!!

Take a hop, skip and a jump to the SFFANZ website to find the list of final nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2015. Read the list of nominations...

Scroll down to Best Novella and you'll see A Mer-Tale is on the list - nominated as part of the Conclave anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories.

There's a voting form on the site if you wish to kindly vote, although you will have to join SFFANZ for NZ$10.
Congratulations to my fellow nominees! I seem to know quite a few of you. lol.


  1. Awesome news! Fingers (fins??) crossed for you :)

  2. Thanks Kura! lol. Just read your awesome blog post interviewing RL Steadman. Very cool!