Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tim Wilson speaks

Had an entertaining afternoon at a Friends of the Library event today, listening to Tim Wilson talk about his life and times.  He's an interesting man.  One part self-effacing, two parts super-confident.  Perhaps the last part summed up best by his Mum in the audience - he always lands on his feet.  Nine lives?

I liked the way he explained much of his success as a series of random events.  Because so often life is like that.  If I hadn't been in this place, at that time, nothing would have happened...

He's written a book and a collection of short stories.  'Their Faces Were Shining' interests me. I've spent the last year reading dystopian YA novels, so it will be great to read a grown up version.

Especially after listening to the author's account of chasing news stories across the USA.  Hurricane Katrina, mass murders... real experiences with the look and feel of the end times.

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