Thursday, February 21, 2013


Great news! I've taken on another contract with YahooNZ and am now writing on subjects close to home - namely kids, back to school chaos and filling tummies with yummy food.  It's all good stuff and lots of fun to pen.  Go to to catch all the new articles, or follow the links below on the Yahoo! NZ lifestyle page:

Five rules of back to school prep
Managing after school activity chaos
Back to school butterflies
Inspire a passion for learning

My contract for Yahoo Tech life continues with loads of variety and tech-head learning.

In other work news, I'm editing a children's book manuscript for the lovely Kay Elwyn, who is becoming a very proficient writer.  I helped her out with a 'big picture' edit on her fiction novel some months back and she's come back for more! 
Speaking of novel writing, my children's book Brave and True is pretty much ready to send out to publishers and unpublished manuscript competitions. It's taken two years, but I'm finally there. Let's hope I get some interest.  Otherwise it's off to the indie publishers for me! I've heard turning your novel into an eBook can challenge your sanity. I'm up for the challenge.

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